• 1. Can I teach in China even if I don’t know how to speak Mandarin?

    Yes. Foreign teachers do not need to speak Mandarin/ Chinese in order to teach in China. Lessons will be conducted in English and in some classes there will be a Chinese bilingual teacher to assist you.

  • 2. How do I find housing in China?

    Most of our schools provide free accommodation for the teachers. Some schools provide a housing allowance and will assistant foreign teachers in finding accommodation.

  • 3. What about my residency permit?

    The school will assist you in obtaining one

  • 4. Will I have any time to recover from travelling over to China or am I expected to begin working immediately?

    We usually arrange for the teacher to come on a Thursday/ Friday and start working the following Monday

  • 5. How about someone to help me open a Chinese bank account?

    Yes, there will be someone to assist you.

  • 6. Will I have access to textbooks; other materials intended to teach English within the classroom? Yes! Or am I expected to purchase my own materials and conduct English class as I wish?

    No. You are not required to purchase any materials. You can bring some if you feel it will add to your teaching experience. What electronics would I have available to me at the school and in the classroom? There are smart boards at some schools.

  • 7. Will my apartment be on or off campus? Your apartment will most likely be off-campus. Will the tenant be responsible for damages in the apartment?

    It’s basically the same as in the U.S. You will be responsible for damages that you have caused during your stay.

  • 8. How many teaching/working hours are there in a week?

    There are usually 40 working hours per week, and 20-23 hours will be devoted to teaching in the classroom, but this may vary according to school.

  • 9. How many days off per week do I have and are they contiguous?

    You usually get 2 days per off per week. Please ask particular school for details.

  • 10. How many paid vacations days off are there per year?

    There are usually 9 paid holidays during a year. Some school will provide an additional one week to two weeks paid vacation.

  • 11. Is a kitchen included with the accommodations and if so, what provisions for cooking are there, e.g., gas/electric range, microwave, etc.?

    Yes, a kitchen and all the basic provisions for cooking are included.

  • 12. Is moonlighting allowed? (Outside work)

    You will need the school’s permission and usually with the school’s students.

  • 13. Does the school pay on time?

    Yes! Usually monthly.

  • 14. How safe is the area I’ll be living and the city in general?

    All of our schools are located in very safe areas.

  • 15. Will there be any money deducted from my salary and for what purposes?

    Each school has a different policy. Some take out 11% for taxes but many do not. Also, coming late or too many absences can cause deductions. For detailed information, please refer to each school’s Rules and Regulations.

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