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Student Exchange Programs with Sister Schools

Every year thousands of Chinese students come to the US where American families and schools open their hearts and homes to exchange students. For many exchange students, going to a barbeque, riding the school bus or cheering on a local football team is a novelty and experience they’ll remember for years to come.

USIEC has helped Chinese schools develop sister relationships throughout California with US schools. Our goal is to assist both US and Chinese schools in providing such programs to promote and develop a cultural understanding between the foreign exchange students and the US schools and families that host them.

Our exchange programs do not necessarily exchange one individual for another individual of another country but refers to the exchange of cultural understanding created when an individual goes to another country. These programs can be regarded as a form of cultural diplomacy and when the Chinese students go home, they can become ambassadors of “good will” between both countries.

We provide the opportunity for Chinese students to live with American families, learn at American schools, and make new friends. Students will try new foods, experience new sports, practice their English, go on cultural travel excursions and experience first hand what life is like in the US.

Each international student may be away from home from two weeks to two months (the longer the better!). It is up to the schools and the two sets of parents to decide exactly how long, depending on each family’s schedule and plans for the children.

Sometimes the exchange will be completed during summer or winter holidays, but it is also possible during the school year. Each participating student is offered an extraordinary opportunity for growth and learning.

US American families enthusiastically open their home and fully share the experience of their family, language, and culture with every Chinese student. Come join us for this fun filled, educational and cultural
Journey to experience this first hand with your American host students and families while also making lasting relationships and life changing experiences to take back to China

More questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about the program.

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