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Brian Weiss, Educational Specialist

Dr. Weiss is the Executive Director of USIEC. He received his doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California. With over 30 years experience in education, he has worked in such capacities as a elementary and secondary teacher, administrator, principal and college professor. Dr. Weiss’s work with students has enhanced their ability to learn and enriched their cultural experiences. His distinguished career as an educator has established his reputation as one who helps students to successfully achieve their educational goals. The hallmark of his leadership has placed him with USIEC to create mutually beneficial partnerships for both Chinese schools, and US thereby enabling thousands of international students the ability to be culturally and educationally prepared for 21st century leadership.

Stephanie Ma, Director

Ms. Ma is a Chinese American living in the United States more than two decades. She leads and directs all aspects of the center’s international programs. She oversees the operations of the international admissions process, study abroad foreign exchange programs, and the ESL programs. As the Director of USIEC, Ms. Ma coordinates all educational exchange programs between Chinese universities and overseas agencies and directs all processing of the international students applications for successful admissions into US colleges and universities.

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John Ma

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