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One of the top reasons teachers are interested in teaching in China is to gain a wider cultural and educational experience outside of the United States. Living in a different culture and working with a diverse range of people from all over the world can provide a rewarding and life changing experience for both your personal and professional satisfaction.

US International Education Center (USIEC) is a professional full service educational center dedicated to providing services for both US teachers wishing to teach in China, Chinese students desiring to study in the US, and schools from both the US and China wishing to form relationships with one another.

Our skilled educational consultants are committed to providing each US teacher or Chinese student with a rich cultural and educational life experience. We understand it can be confusing for both teachers and students when attending a school in a foreign country where the language is not in your native tongue. USIEC helps facilitate this process by providing you with all necessary information while assisting you in the negotiations and processing of all documentation and visas. We assist you in every step of the process prior to your departure to either China or the US and also prepare all accommodations at your designated city.

We understand that everyone has different needs in pursuing their goals. With our capable and enthusiastic staff, we help you make this a painless and smooth transitional process. All of our staff is trained bi-lingual college graduates who completely understand all the necessary requirements and information needed to make this a rewarding life changing experience for you.

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